Every College Student Needs to Download THESE Apps Today

Believe it or not, apps aren’t only used for fun and games – download these five apps recommended by Concordia University for college students to stay on track!

1. myHomework Student Planner: Provides you with a calendar to track your upcoming assignments, tests, projects and other events!

2. 2Do: Creates your own to-do lists, categorizing your tasks by priority and subject.

3. Evernote: Not only a note-taking app, but helps manage your to-do lists by syncing personal checklists across multiple devices!

4. Pomodairo: Helps avoid a burnout while writing essays – it breaks up writing into 25 minute intervals, allowing for a 5 minute “brain break” in between sessions.

5. SelfControl: Blocks certain websites & apps for a certain period of time while working on homework – help avoid distractions with this app!

Download these apps today to stay on track during your college career! Need more tips on how to better prepare you for college? Attend one of our upcoming College Planning Workshops https://collegeplanningexperts.com/free-workshops

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