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Premiere College Planning Services:

Get Accepted, Qualify For Funding, & Graduate Career-Ready

From Finding Your Perfect-Match College To Graduating From College Debt-Free, We’ve Got You Covered

Planning for college is complicated and overwhelming. But with our experts guiding you every step of the way, you’ll get into the program that’s right for you and get the funding you need to graduate worry-free. Our dedicated team of experts offers insider information, and our full-service college planning program paves the path to a successful and rewarding college experience.

Tell us your goals, and we’ll help you get there–from knowing which schools are best for you to navigating admissions and getting worry-free funding.

Our college planning program is unlike anything else you’ll find in the country. Our experts have decades of experience in the field, and we're committed to supporting you in your college planning journey.

It’s Never Too Early To Implement A College Success Roadmap

It’s never too early to start planning for college! We’ll work with you to design a custom strategic plan that’ll keep your student on track to meet their goals and get them into top-tier schools. 

We offer the most comprehensive and individualized college planning services in the country. Wherever you are in your college planning journey, we’ll step in and create a custom success roadmap so your student will know exactly what to do from now until they graduate.

Your Roadmap To Success

Our team of experts will build a custom success roadmap that includes:
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Discovering Your Ideal College & Career

premier college funding

Learning Admission Strategies & Secrets

college admissions strategies

Applying For Grants, Scholarships & Worry-Free Funding

We have helped thousands of families find the right school, save thousands of dollars every year, and have a more enjoyable experience in college.

Don’t Just Get Accepted – Graduate Debt Free & Career Ready

College planning is about more than just getting accepted; it’s about creating a successful and fulfilling future. It’s making sure that your student graduates from the best program for the career path they’re pursuing. It’s making sure that they graduate with a mountain of knowledge, skill, and experience… instead of a mountain of student loan debt. 

The College and Career That’s Best For Your Student

The United States has over 4,000 colleges and universities. Finding the perfect school for your student can be a daunting task. We can help. Our program is packed with services to help you find the best-fit college and career. It all starts with: 

Personalized Career Assessments: Our college planning counselors help to evaluate your interests, hobbies, skills, goals, and more to help you determine what career path is right for your student.

On-On-One College Counseling: Our highly-trained and dedicated college planning counselors will help narrow down the schools that have the majors and programs, sports and club opportunities, and the location your student is most interested in.

Utilizing Technology: Our Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) program gives you the most accurate picture of how you match up against your college competition. It provides invaluable insights on what a college is looking for in a student so that you can strategically position your portfolio to give you the best possible chance of getting accepted. This strategy is our “secret sauce” for helping students get into their dream college even if they don’t have perfect grades or SAT/ACT scores. Less than 2% of college counselors or competitors know about this strategy. 

We've helped countless students find their perfect college and career match. We’ll find the best fit for your student, too!

"I think it is one of the best things my parents could have done because it set things straight for me. College applications and acceptance is a really complicated process."
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College Admissions Strategies They Don’t Want You To Know

Surprising mistakes can cost students their preferred school of choice and leave your head spinning as you add up the exorbitant fees for tuition, room, and board. 

This is why our experts work closely with parents and students throughout the entire college planning process. From experienced admissions experts who know what admissions counselors really look for (hint: it’s not what you think) to landing coveted scholarships, grants, and other worry-free funding, we ease your student’s anxiety, reduce their overwhelm, and equip them to gain admission to their dream college. Here’s how we do it: 

We Know What Colleges Are Looking For

After all, we are the College Planning Experts. Good grades and solid test scores open the door to admissions opportunities but rarely are they the elements that tip the scales in your favor. Our college planning counselors will help you create an attractive college entrance portfolio that admissions counselors won’t be able to resist. 

We’ll Help You Submit Applications & Essays That Stand Out

As a premier college planning company, we help students craft unforgettable personal statements, killer college essays, and secure letters of recommendation to stand out in the stacks of applications.

Our team of expert College Counselors is waiting to let you in on the admission strategies colleges don’t want you to know.

How to Pay for College Without Breaking the Bank

Getting into the right university is only a part of the equation — there is still figuring out how to pay for it. College tuition costs for a Bachelor’s Degree can range anywhere from $80,000 to $350,000. We help you strategize payment solutions that maximize financial aid potential, protect your retirement, and allow your student to graduate with little to no debt.
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Financial Aid Form Preparation

With our team’s help, you won’t need to worry about making common (and costly) mistakes on the FAFSA® form or any other financial aid applications. Anyone can fill out a financial aid form–but we have mastered the strategies on each question to legally and ethically strategize your finances to actually get grants regardless of your income or asset levels.

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Financial Aid Coaching

With our team’s help, you won’t need to worry about making common (and costly) mistakes on the FAFSA® form or any other financial aid applications. Anyone can fill out a financial aid form–but we have mastered the strategies on each question to legally and ethically strategize your finances to actually get grants regardless of your income or asset levels.

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Strategic College Funding

If you, the parents, are planning on paying for your student’s college education, we can help find the best and most strategic options that will allow you to do so without having to sacrifice your lifestyle or retirement savings. We’ll keep you from making costly mistakes like paying the college out-of-pocket after receiving grants (you may lose your grants by showing you can write a check to the college). We’ll help you find funding for college, stay within your budget, and ensure you don’t lose that funding.

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Awards, Analysis & Appeals

Once your student has been awarded financial aid, we can review the awards and appeal to any of the schools you’d like to see a better offer from. Did you know the #1 way to get more money is to ASK? We’ll guide you through the process and terms you need to know to request more money for your family. In short, we do not stop when you receive an award package: we go above and beyond to help you get more aid.

We help families find and apply for grants, scholarships, and other funding opportunities they won’t have to pay back.

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