Learn College Admissions Processes, Strategies & Secrets

Catapult To The Top Of Every College Acceptance & Scholarship Award List

Your student may have good grades and strong standardized test scores–but that’s simply not enough to get into many colleges and universities anymore.

It’s the things you don’t think about that make the difference between getting into your dream college–or settling for less. Our College Planning Experts work with you and your student to develop an absolutely irresistible admissions portfolio.

We advise on:

  • Volunteer Opportunities & Hours
  • Internships and Research Opportunities
  • On-campus Clubs & Athletics
  • Degree Programs & Leadership Pathways
  • Employment Options
I'm telling you, no matter how much you THINK you know about college planning, you don't have enough information!! I read books, went to seminars, and read articles and these guys have it down. [...] TRUST ME, you CANNOT do this alone.
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Jennifer Lowe
Parent, Northridge, CA

Rock Solid Essays & College Applications

These days, the college admissions process seems to require a college degree in and of itself just to get everything done. Between deadlines and countless pages of forms, you could spend hours researching what other people have to say about how to do it right–or you can go straight to the experts.

We’ll ensure your student:

  • Writes personal essays that set them apart from all of the other applicants
  • Never misses an important deadline for any of the colleges on their wishlist
  • Is well prepared for interviews with admissions officers
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