Identify Your Ideal College & Career Fit

Get the expert guidance you need when choosing a college.

There are many things to consider when selecting the college you want to attend, from the location, to the majors offered, to the extracurricular activities available on campus, to the network once you graduate, and so much more.

It can be overwhelming.

The good news?

We’ve helped more than 7,500 students find the right college, paving the path to their dream career! We can help you, too.

“Chapman was the “PERFECT” choice of schools for Dominique. Thank you for your advice, as when we had that list of 15 colleges, narrowed it to 10 and actually put Chapman back on after we took it off.” Dean Marinello & Christina Jahn | Stevenson Ranch CA

How We Make Your College Search Easier

Our Licensed Admissions Counselors Make You 7-10X More Likely To Get Into Your Dream College.

Personalized Career Assessments:

Our college planning experts evaluate interests, hobbies, skills, goals, and more to help your student identify their ideal career path.

One-On-One College Counseling:

The United States has over 4,000 colleges and universities. Since 2005 our exclusive insights & experience have helped students narrow down their options.

Data-Based Decisions:

Our Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) software is our “secret sauce” for helping students know how they stack up against other prospective students.

Better Colleges = Better Opportunities

According to the New York Fed, a college degree from a respectable institution could mean not only a drastically lower chance of experiencing unemployment, but an estimated average of $1 million in additional earnings over that student’s career.

"If you try to describe how helpful and useful their services were I will need to spend at least 6 hours in front of the computer typing. In short, it is a guideline through the maze of paperwork, deadlines and, what is the most important, great help when it comes to making a correct decision among so many options."
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Vladimir Kasperovich
Parent - Rolling Hills Estates, CA
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