College Planning Resources

If you want to make the most out of the college planning process, we have a variety of different resources to help you get college-ready. Read the descriptions below, and if you want us to send more information, click through to the request form. It’s that simple.

College Planning Timeline

One of the biggest misconceptions in college planning is that one doesn’t have to worry about it until junior year of high school. That is very wrong! It’s best to start early. Think about it: if you are going to pay $150,000+ for a Bachelor’s degree for your child, wouldn’t you want to start researching your investment earlier on? It takes time to save and time to craft the right strategies to pay. It also takes time for your child to find his/her career passion and dream college. Complete the form and select the College Planning Timeline.

College Planning Checklist

Are you worried about making a mistake in your college planning process? This college planning checklist will help ensure you don’t miss a step along your path to college admissions. Our checklist makes sure you are considering all of the milestones and requirements along the journey to college. Complete the form and select the College Planning Checklist.

College Application Guide

The college application process can be overwhelming. The forms are long, there are lots of supplemental questions and essays, there are a ton of different deadlines, the requirements can differ by school, and then there are the strategies… How do you get an upper hand on the competition when competing for a spot at your dream college? Complete the form, select the College Application Guide, and we’ll show you how to strategically complete your college applications.

College Preparation Checklist

You’ve gotten your child into his/her dream school, and you’re ready to transition to college life. Now what? Are you ready for all that comes with college? You’ll want to make sure your child is prepared to take residency at a new school, you’re prepared to fund the cost, and your child maximizes his/her resources to make the most out of a Bachelor’s degree. Complete the form and select the College Preparation Checklist.

Comprehensive College Planning Guide

Coming soon!

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