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Find the Right Schools

There are over 4,000 colleges/universities in the United States, but 75% of families apply to the same 50 colleges. This makes it more competitive. Are you applying to the right schools for your child?

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Maximize Your Financial Aid Awards

Did you know the order in which you list colleges on your financial aid forms can affect your financial aid award package? Listing them strategically can increase your grant awards by an average of 20%.

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Strategically Leverage Your Abilities

Test scores aren’t everything. Did you know that SAT/ACT scores are only the 3rd most important part of your child’s admission application?

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Use Insider Tips to Save Thousands

Income isn’t a sole factor in getting financial aid. Did you know if you make over $250,000 per year, some colleges will compete for your child by offering a discount for your ‘business’?

What Makes College Planning Experts Unique?

We offer a full service program unlike any other college planning company. We’ll help you get in, reduce costs, and afford college. We are a group of innovative and passionate professionals who are committed to help you reach your college dreams without going broke or owing thousands in student loans.


Founded in 2004, we are the original, largest, and longest standing college planning firm in the Greater Los Angeles area. Whether you have a NCAA prospective athlete, a performing arts student, or a potential engineer, we know how to help them reach their dreams.


We have been honored by former U.S. Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, the California State Assembly, the County of Los Angeles, the California State Senate, the City of Los Angeles, and the City of Santa Clarita for our outstanding work in our local communities.


We really enjoy giving back to our community, which is why we partake in local fundraisers and scholarship contests. We’ve given over $150,000 in charitable contributions, and this number is growing! If you need help, just ask us.

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Find the Best Fit College and Career

With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States, finding the right “fit” can be difficult. You want to ensure your child will be happy and successful while in college and after graduating. We can help.


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College Admissions Secrets & Strategies

One of the biggest fears any parent has is the uncertainty in knowing whether or not his/her child will be accepted to a “dream” college. College Planning Experts can ease those fears.


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Grants, Scholarships, & Worry-Free Funding

College is expensive. The cost can range from $80,000 to $250,000. Can you afford that? Let us help.


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FREE Workshops

Our mission is to simplify the college admissions process and to make college more affordable, one family at a time. One way we achieve this goal is through outreach in the community. If you want to come get some great, free information to begin your college planning journey, come to one of our workshops.


What makes our Workshops so Brilliant?

College Planning Experts offers the best college admissions and financial aid presentations. We educate you and give you the power to take control of this seemingly overwhelming process. Check out what some of our attendees had to say after seeing us speak.

Workshop Testimonials

Why College Planning Experts

As Seen On:

  • We feel so much more at ease about the challenge of funding college expenses for both of our children. The staff is very warm and accommodating and takes the time to thoroughly explain what needs to be done. Highly recommend!
    Scott Fieldsof Los Angeles, CA
  • I have worked with College Planning Experts for several years now, and I can attest to their value to public school counselors My own son begins high school in the fall of 2015, and I am planning on meeting with College Planning Experts about developing a financial plan for his future college education. Using College Planning Experts for my own family is the best endorsement I can possibly give. (more…)
    Lynda McGeeCollege Counselor Downtown Magnet High School- LAUSD
  • The staff at College Planning Experts has been very courteous and helpful. Every step is broken down easily to navigate the process of planning the applications and finances. My husband and I were overwhelmed by how college planning has changed over the years and have greatly benefited from their help. I recommend this service to anyone with high school students who are planning on attending college/university. (more…)
    Tammy RoachParent Valencia, CA
  • From financial difficulties to knowing which classes to apply to, the College Planning Experts alleviate the stress that comes with applying to colleges! (more…)
    Sage JamesStudent Van Nuys, CA
  • “It’s refreshing to know that there is hope.”
    Nina A.
  • “I was so afraid because I had little to nothing saved Thank you for putting me at ease.”
    Raquel Y.
  • It would be challenging to find a College Planning organization that would come close to the wealth of information that students and families receive from their experience with CPE. My connection to CPE has been personal and professional, and from both perspectives I have been well pleased. (more…)
    John Turner
  • “Very informative.  Brian told us many things that I was totally in the dark about.” 
    Rosie P.
  • Financial Aid is a piece of the college process that is not only complicated, but can be overwhelming to families. Education and knowledge are key to understanding how to navigate the various pieces and feel comfortable in making educated decisions when it comes to college and financial aid. The College Planning Experts delivered valuable and helpful information to our parents and students and were able to answer all of their questions. (more…)
    Casey RowleyCollege and Career Counselor Malibu High School
  • The first time I opened a financial application my heart sank. There had to be an easier way to get through the jungle. And there is. College Planning Experts did not just take away the fear of College Applications but also took care of the forms and submitting financial applications. They displayed exceptional skill in dealing with divorced parents and the sensitivity it requires around financial matters. My daughter is a sophomore in College and we will remain with College Planning Experts throughout her entire College years. There is no way I would try to do this on my own, and their service has paid for itself several times over as they helped us to secure several merit based scholarships.
    Beate Chelletteof Culver City, CA
  • “Thank you! I don’t feel as much of a victim now.”
    Billy A.
  • “Thanks for showing me that we qualify for aid in spite of my income.”
    Ron N.
  • My essays have become stronger, and I feel more confident as well. I don’t feel intimated by the college process. They break it down and make it super easy for the students. They are just an amazing group of people who are always ready to help.
    Cindy Mijangos Student Saugus CA
  • After attending one of his seminars, we went to see him and his staff and was immediately put at ease. He made everything sound so easy! It’s amazing to look back now and think about how much they helped us through this process for the last 4 years. Brian and his staff are amazing and extremely nice. They are always willing to answer questions that you have. We couldn’t have done it without them! (more…)
    Amanda ArroyoStudent Saugus, CA
  • “As a guidance counselor, you really educated me and I thank you.”
    Rhonda A
  • “Brian demystified the college funding process. There's so many things I didn't even know existed with regards to financial aid.” 
    Jesse M.
  • Brian Safdari with College Planning Experts has been invaluable to our family. He helped us gain the confidence to apply to an out of state college and taught us how to get the most 'free money' from that college. Without his encouraging us, we wouldn’t have known the steps involved to go through this process. I would definitely recommend the company to any family facing the difficult college options decision. (more…)
    John & Denise TurnerParent Valencia, CA
  • “This is an absolute class that all parents should attend whether they think their kids are college-bound or not.”
    Pamela B.
  • I had already attended seminars hosted by other companies and had one on one meetings with owners and I wasn’t impressed with the information provided. I just felt I was being charged thousands of dollars for Skype assistance and do-it-yourself information. Brian is “The College Planning Expert. Thanks to Brian and his experienced, caring staff, my daughter received over $26,000 in grants and scholarships and is attending a private college where she is guaranteed to get her classes and graduate in four years. (more…)
    Marlo MillerParent Valencia, CA
  • “Brian's workshop opened up the opportunity to look at colleges we thought were out of our price range. Thank You!”
    Bonnie E.

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