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At our college planning workshops, you’ll learn:

✓ Common scams every parent should be aware of
✓ How to get your child accepted into the college of their choice, regardless of their grades or test scores
✓ Ways to get colleges to practically beg for your student to attend their school
✓ The 4 key factors college admission officers consider when deciding whether or not to accept a student into their school
✓ How to receive financial aid in college even if you have millions in assets
✓ The ONE biggest mistake we see parents make that costs them thousands

And so much more!

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Plan Ahead Now To Get Better Financial Aid In College Later

If you’re wondering when you should start planning for your child’s future, the answer is yesterday. Planning ahead allows you and your family to maximize your student’s full potential for financial aid in college because you have more time to explore all of your options.

Begin early enough, and you can significantly reduce your student’s college costs–or, in many cases, eliminate those costs altogether.

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“Brian's workshop opened up the opportunity to look at colleges we thought were out of our price range. Thank You!”
Bonnie E.
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“This is an absolute class that all parents should attend whether they think their kids are college-bound or not.”
Pamela B.
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“Thanks for showing me that we qualify for aid in spite of my income.”
Ron N.
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“It’s refreshing to know that there is hope.”
Nina A.
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