Frequently Asked Questions

College Admissions Counselors offer college planning guidance based on a student’s interests, qualities, and career aspirations (this is what 99% of College Admissions Counselors focus on). They offer great general guidance, but our licensed College Planning Experts offer all of the above and more.

We have relationships with college admissions offices, and we know the strategies to get into those colleges and how to market and position your child to stand out over thousands of other proactive students.

Plus, we go above and beyond to address financial considerations. A big mistake many people make is getting into a college–and then realizing they can’t afford it. We ensure you avoid this costly mistake.

Most middle to high-income families does not know that there are specific grants and scholarships for their family. It helps to remember that colleges are a business. They want to draw in higher-income families because they know that those future alumni might contribute back to the university in the future. Believe us when we say our multifaceted approach has helped many families who didn’t think they would otherwise qualify for financial aid. We make college affordable for families of all income levels.

No. CPE is not a lending institution or a scholarship fund. However, our team will help you maximize your financial aid potential and ensure you do not get sucked into borrowing college loans that favor the college instead of your family. There is over $1.8 Trillion and growing in college debt in the US. We ensure you don’t become part of that statistic.

We take the lead and manage the application process, strategize for college admissions, advise on financial aid forms, counsel on college funding options, and critique interviews and essays. We make a long, complicated process easier by tutoring a family towards success. We’ll give you the push you need to be successful in college admissions and in financial aid/ funding.
It is true that school guidance counselors and college advisors can also be helpful in the college planning process, but consider this: your school counselor probably has a caseload of 600+ students. Our services give you the personalized attention you need when making such a big life decision. We have the training and ability to advise on your financial situations and ways to strategically afford the cost of college. We are passionate and highly experienced in getting your child into their dream college while maximizing grants and scholarships so that you pay wholesale prices for college.
No, in fact, that is the exact reason to hire us in the first place. The reason your student is overwhelmed, confused, stressed, and does not know what college is right is that they have not received the proper help in high school. Remember, our service includes private meetings with your student to create a career profile, pick the right schools, and focus on the right majors. We will be working on these important decisions every step of the way and holding your hand all the way through the process.
Our fees are based on which services we provide you and your student. We have many different programs to fit your budget.
The earlier, the better. We take a limited number of clients every year, and once we have filled up, we do not have the capacity to take on additional families. And, when it comes to college planning, time is money. We’ve saved families thousands more by getting started as early as 8th and 9th grade–in fact, we consider 8th grade the BEST time to get started with college planning. Don’t worry if your child is already in their senior year (or even in college) already. We can help you identify costly mistakes you may have made in the past, or are currently making–and prevent you from making them again. Let us review your situation and let you know what you don’t know.
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