Get Into These 4 Universities for Entrepreneurship

According to Forbes, today’s teens are far more entrepreneurial than their parents. Over 70% of teens have self-employed jobs rather than traditional workforce positions. More specifically, today’s teenagers are becoming masters and teachers of an art, creating and selling items on social media platforms, managing their own babysitting services and more. These young entrepreneurs are not looking to the future with hopes of working in a corporate role, rather they are looking to create, manage and sustain their own businesses! With that said, college entrepreneurship programs are becoming more sought after than other major programs, so Forbes came out with a list of four schools that offer unique entrepreneurship programs:

1. University of Dayton: This entrepreneurship program has been ranked in Princeton Review’s top 25 for 11 consecutive years – it’s focused on hands-on experiences for students starting as early as their sophomore year. This university offers one of the largest new-venture competitions nationwide at the collegiate level with more than $100,000 in cash prizes and $150,000 of in-kind support. Overall, students in this entrepreneurship program don’t necessarily have to wait until they graduate to become a CEO.

2. Babson College: Babson’s entrepreneurial program has been ranked No. 1 by U.S News & World Report for the 21st consecutive time this year. It has also been ranked No. 1 by Payscale for potential salary of entrepreneurial graduates. This program is focused on creating entrepreneurial leaders who create economical and social value. These students are all required to take a course called Foundations of Management & Entrepreneurship – every student is immersed into the business world and required to start their own “real life” business sponsored by Babson.

3. Miami University: Miami’s entrepreneurship program has been ranked top 25 in the country for nine consecutive years, and specifically the third best program in the country for technology entrepreneurship. This program offers a start-up business plan competition for students, mentorship opportunities, off-campus networking and a semester-long immersion course in media studies in the Silicon Valley.

4. Ohio Wesleyan University: This university is ranked No. 17 among “America’s Most Entrepreneurial Colleges 2015.” The entrepreneurial culture of Ohio Wesleyan makes it very easy for students to get immersed into the entrepreneur business world. Students are able to write proposals for university-funded grants to be able to research issues worldwide. This entrepreneurship program also offers students unique fellowship opportunities to better understand entrepreneurial skills and community.

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