Increase Your Chances of Getting Into a Competitive College

If you are willing to look outside of the zone of colleges kids typically apply to you are much more likely to get noticed.  Looking at schools outside of your geographic zone will set you apart from every other student in your area.  Look at schools that you fall outside of the “norm” in the following areas:

Talk to admissions staff at the schools you are most interested in and make sure you identify yourself as calls and visits are often tracked.  Here are some sample questions to ask:
I am trying to get a feel for the typical State U student in terms of where they are from and what they study
1.  What is the geographic distribution?  Is it pretty even?
2.  What are the least represented states?
3.  You mentioned your most popular majors as …………. What are your least popular majors or departments that you are trying to grow? 

Finding out what students are studying and where they are from will help you break the “typical zone” of students that apply to that school and you will seem much more desirable!

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