President Obama asks Americans to Commit to Education

Recent statistics show that seven in ten Americans leave high school with a diploma.  President Obama has responded to this by demanding that all Americans commit themselves to at least one year of education after high school.  This does not mean that every American has to go to college.  There are many ways of getting an educaiton and advancing yourself in the job market.  If you did not complete high school, get your GED.  There are many adult education facilities that prepare you for the GED exam as well as administer the test. Go to a Trade/Technical school.  Get career training and increase your income with a second career!  Become a Medical or Dental Assistant, Leagl Aide, Computer Technician, Massage Therapist, Cosmetology, Nurses Aide, Hotel/Restaurant management, court reporting, chef, X-Ray Tech, Personal Trainer, Automotive Tech, bartender, travel agent, animal trainer and much more!  Take night or online classes at your local commuinty college or take the plunge and get that degree you have always wanted.  Financial aid is available for almost all post high school education so start looking now.  Need help with the financial aid process?  Call our office and we will get you on the right track.  Visit our web site and get more information.

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