How to Create Your Path for College Success

How do you define success? The dictionary would definite it as an accomplishment of aim or purpose, but I want to know–how do YOU define success?


College Planning Experts has worked with thousands of families over the years, and I think the first step in the college planning process is to simplify what you’re looking to accomplish. What is your definition of success? Is success, to you, admission at a top 25 school? Is it saving 50% off of sticker price at your child’s college of choice? Is it landing a high paying job right after graduating from college? Again, I ask–what is your definition of success?


If you want to create a path to college success, you first need to start at the goal. Once you have a goal in mind, you can make your map to get there. You can’t assume “I can’t.” You can if you have a plan! Everyone has a different purpose they are striving to achieve, but the maps look similar.


I give you…


The 5 Steps to Create Your Path for College Success


1.) Define your version of Success: what does your accomplishment look like? Visualize it, describe it, and write it down.

2.) Evaluate your version of Success: is it realistic? If you’re goal is to go to a top 25 college, but you have an 18 on your ACT, your goal might be unrealistic. How can you better align success to your reality? Do a bit of research to ensure you are setting yourself up for the right path.

3.) Set a place: now, using your planned accomplishment, where do you need to be just prior to achieving that goal? For example, if your goal is to graduate from college debt free, what type of college do you need to go to (hint: a generous one that offers lots of financial aid)?

4.) Make a sequential list of steps: Knowing where you need to be just prior to achieving that goal, how do you get there? If you know you need to get into a certain type of school, for example, how do you ensure you’re admitted? What criteria do you need to meet?

5.) Take action: What can you do right NOW to work towards that criteria? For instance, if you need a 3.5 G.P.A. to get into that goal school, but you have a 3.3… how do you get your G.P.A. up?


Doesn’t this seem more manageable??


Now, if this seems like too much remember this: College Planning Experts has been around for over 11 years, and we are simply the best at making college dreams a reality. We can make your life even easier by defining your goals and creating a plan. Call us if you need help (661) 295-9946, and we’ll schedule a FREE College Planning Analysis for your family. We have offices conveniently located in Valencia and in Westlake Village!

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