College in the Future: Financial Benefits

I read a great article today on about the future of college. In the article I read about the need for a different skill set in society. Currently students pay by the credit hour and are able to complete a degree once they have a certain number of credit hours under their belt, but the academic content they master doesn’t always translate well into the workplace. Employers want an educated workforce because they value critical thinking skills and interpersonal connections. The trouble is that many degrees out there don’t give the skills employees desire. For many, going to college is a pathway to opportunity. People see the value of a college education because they see potential for a successful career; however, just having a Bachelor’s degree doesn’t guarantee a job and a niche focus can hinder you long term. writes about the future of education. They argue that with technology and vast amounts of free content out there, paying for credit hours is dying. One can access knowledge at the click of a mouse, so paying to learn basic content and investing a standard amount of time doesn’t seem like the way to accomplish anything. This article focuses on a reinvention of higher education.


They say that education in the future will focus on skills not semesters. One will pass a class by mastering a skill instead of spending a certain amount of time studying it. They also say education will become hybrid. There is not reason to have basic classes, like English 101, in person. Those can be given in mass online, and upper division coursework can be done in person (it requires more detail and group work). They also say majors will change. Instead of focusing on Biology, for instance, one might have an interdisciplinary degree in Biology and Health Sciences. They also predict lecture style learning will be out in favor of group projects that foster collaboration and implementation of knowledge.


With all these changes comes savings. If you can mass produce education (like English 101 online), the cost will drop. In addition the time saved on skill mastery versus credit hours will be huge. Student debt will cease.


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