Great Way to Save on College Costs!

If you’re worried about the high cost of college, then consider this: college tuition has only increased (never decreased) since 1981. With a ever rising cost commodity, you can only imagine… it is going to get worse. What is one to do?


A great way to save on college costs is to get started early. Of course there are things you can do during the financial aid and admissions processes, but we encourage you to consider taking community college courses or AP/ IB courses. The reasons are plentiful.


First, if your child takes a class at a local community college (or even an online program through a college), then he/she has an advantage in admissions. By taking college-level work, your child has demonstrated capability to pass higher level courses. The colleges reviewing your child’s application will see that he/she is able to thrive in a college environment and will most likely do well at a four year school. Colleges want to admit students who will do well on their campuses, so show them ahead of time that your child can be successful.


Next, passing AP/IB or community college courses means… credits. That’s right–your child will get college credits and save time and money on taking classes at a 4 year college. This is the main reason for my post–to help you save. Keep in mind that not every school will give credit for AP/IB courses, but many do. For those that don’t, it may help your child avoid taking some general education requirements though. Community College coursework is transferable as credit, provided there is an articulation agreement between schools. Check out if you need to find which classes are worthwhile.


Last, advanced courses allow for personal growth and motivational relationships. What I mean by that is that a student surrounded by high achievers is more likely to push himself/ herself to be better. As Jim Rohn says, we “are the average of the five people [we] surround [ourselves] with the most.” If you want your child to be motivated to do well and aim high, then push your child to be in programs with like-minded kids.


Now… of course we are here to help with these decisions. College Planning Experts wants students to find their passion and achieve their dreams through college and opportunity. We can create a college plan for you. Call us if you’d like to schedule your free college planning analysis today (661) 295-9946.

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