Your Guide to Maintaining Straight A’s

Even if you’ve already submitted your college applications, it’s extremely important to keep up with your grades and extracurriculars, especially if you feel the “senioritis” starting to kick in. Believe it or not, colleges do actually look at your senior year grades on your transcript, even if you’ve already been accepted to their school!

Reader’s Digest released a list of 11 things you should get into the habit of doing to maintain your straight A’s:

  1. Set priorities: Manage your time well- put away your phone, turn off the TV, and get going.
  2. Study anywhere and everywhere: Pick a study time that works best for you and stick with it. Consistency in your studying is key.
  3. Get organized: The best way to keep track of your busy schedule is by getting organized. Don’t waste time searching for a paper, a pen, or the book you swore you put on your shelf- have a system and stick to it.
  4. Learn how to speed-read: Learn to not only read quickly, but to look at the book’s table of contents, pictures and graphs first. This will help you retain more information.
  5. Schedule your time: Don’t procrastinate on that essay your teacher assigned. Draft up a schedule and get started early.
  6. Take good notes (and use them): Come up with a note-taking system that actually works for you. You’ll be more likely to reread your notes later.
  7. Clean up your act: Keep your papers neat. They are more likely to get a better grade than messy papers.
  8. Speak up: Class participation goes a long way.
  9. Study together: Doing your homework in a group allows you to talk out the problem and explain your solutions to each other.
  10. Test yourself: Come up with questions from your notes that you think may be on the exam. Be ready for what your teacher might throw at you!
  11. Do more than you’re asked: The more you practice something, the better you get at it.

Start getting into these habits now and carry them on to college. Trust us, you won’t be sorry you started early! To learn more about how you can better prepare for college, attend one of our FREE workshops!

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