Benefits of College Internships

According to U.S. News, internships throughout college can better prepare you for the “real world” post-grad! Also, internships can not only help you decide which career path is best fit for you, but can help clarify which careers are NOT for you! After getting a better idea of your desired career goals, you can then cater your college classes to what you’re interested in. Colleges and universities can play a big role in guiding you through the internship process – college applicants should be prepared to ask their prospective colleges about their internship and career opportunities. This will ensure the college you attend can help you during the internship process!

Here are some good questions to ask prospective schools according to U.S. News:

1. What internship support do you offer students?

2. What on-campus recruiting opportunities are available?

3. How does career services prepare students to speak with employers?

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