Only 11 Days Left To Fill Out Your FAFSA!

Note: The FAFSA is for graduating high school seniors entering college and for all current college students.

Have you started on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?   There’s only 11 days left for California residents to apply.  Each state has a different deadline, so if you’re in a different state make sure to visit FAFSA.ED.GOV to find out your deadline.

Top 3 reasons to fill out the FAFSA:

  • The federal student aid and government have $150 billion just to help your student pay for college
  • You can qualify for FREE money and not even know it (if you don’t apply, you’d never know)
  • Don’t want loans? If needed, filling out the FAFSA will make the best loans available

The deadline to complete the FAFSA in the state of California is March 2nd 2014.  If I could give you a big piece of advice (that would have helped me through this process) it’s to NOT WAIT UNTIL MARCH 1ST TO START THE FAFSA.  There are many technical issues that can prevent you from submitting the form, and if you are reading this right now, then I want you to avoid these simple mistakes before they happen.  This deadline is for initial awards and to ensure that your student gains access to financial aid ($150 Billion) before the Federal Student Aid runs out of money.

Some of the most common FAFSA myths:

  • “I make too much money to qualify”
  • “The form is complicated and confusing”
  • “I don’t have the grades to qualify”

Many families do not fill out these forms because parents often think “we make too much money to qualify for financial aid”.  Qualifying for financial aid isn’t just based on parent’s income.  There are many factors  that influence financial aid, and at our College Planning Workshops, we cover the 5 greatest myths about the college process.  The #1 myth regarding college planning and financial aid is families thinking they make too much money to qualify for financial aid.  If you want to learn what other factors can hinder or help your family qualify for financial aid, then feel free to give us a call today at (661) 295-9946 or fill out a “Contact Us” form.

Almost every family qualifies for some type of financial aid (scholarships, grants, work-study, etc.).  You just have to learn how to properly plan and fill out the forms correctly, in order to maximize financial aid.

Each year we speak at over 73 middle schools and high schools.  We teach families how to get free money for college and how to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses while your student is in college.  Paying for college without sacrificing your current lifestyle or losing all of your life savings are just two of the ways we help over 1,650 families every year.

The FAFSA is a free application open to all families with students going into college.  Make sure to complete this form before March 2nd 2014 to ensure your family has access to the $150 Billion that the Federal student aid gives out every year!

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