What Colleges Give The Most Financial Aid?

Over the past few College Planning Workshops, many parents have asked me, “Brian, which colleges are known to give the most financial aid?”  I wanted to write this blog to inform parents and students on which colleges are known to have high academic standards while also being the most generous in terms of their financial aid awards.  This means less loans and more FREE money for your student.

Last week, the Princeton Review released their annual list for the 150 Best Value Colleges in 2014.   The list contained 75 public schools and 75 private schools throughout the whole country.


The Princeton review takes the following facts into account when creating their list for the 150 Best Value Colleges:

  • Academic Rating – How challenging is the school academically?
  • Financial Aid Rating – How generous is the school when it comes to meeting family’s need-based aid?
  • True Cost of Attendance – Total costs of college minus the average financial aid award package given by the school


There were a total of 18 schools in the state of California that made the Princeton Review list for the Best Value Colleges.
Here are some of the colleges in California that made the list:

  • University of California: Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Stanford University
  • Pomona College, Claremont, CA
  • University of California: Santa Barbara (UCSB)
  • University of California: Santa Cruz
  • University of California: Berkely

My advice to high school students is to challenge yourself academically so you are more attractive to colleges.  Having exceptional grades in high school will not only increase your chance of getting accepted to your dream school, but it will also increase scholarship opportunities from the schools themselves.  Colleges account for 95% of all scholarship opportunities in the country and at www.CollegePlanningExperts.com we like to focus our students on where the majority of FREE Money comes from – the college!

The main purpose of College Planning Experts and the Princeton Review List of Best Value Colleges is to help students and families, like you, reach their college goals without going broke in the process.  When choosing what colleges to apply to it’s necessary to find the best fit academically for your student. Choosing the right college is a primary indicator of the financial aid awards you can expect to receive.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we help students get accepted to the best fit schools, you can give us a call at (661) 295-9946 or send us an email at [email protected]

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