How Can You Take Charge of College Process?


Did you know the Federal Student Aid (creators of the FAFSA) offers over $150 billion every year to help students go to college?  Most parents and students qualify for some type of financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.) regardless of income, assets, or the student’s GPA.  Take charge of the college process and you will be surprised at how much help is out there for your specific family. Even if you do qualify for financial aid,  it is important that you know how to apply correctly in order to receive it.

In 2013 helped the families we work with receive an average financial award package of $21,900 per year.  This is free money that they never have to pay back!  Also in 2013, College Planning Experts held 113 College Planning Workshops and taught over 2,350 families about the secrets of the higher education system.

If you are currently going through the college process you owe it to yourself to learn the facts behind college.  Take control.  The college planning information we provide at the workshops is the same information we use to help families receive the Free Money that they are eligible for. Most importantly, our workshops are free and we have 3 coming up this month, starting this Thursday February 6th.

If you cannot attend a local workshop, but would like to see how we can help your specific family situation, give us a call at (661) 295-9946 and mention this blog.

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Here are some of the topics we cover at our College Planning Workshops:

  • How to get Free money for college regardless of income/assets/students GPA
  • The 5 Questions you need to get answered before you apply to college
  • Learn the #1 way to get more money from colleges
  • How to balance the cost of education vs. the value of the degree earned
  • The 7 Biggest Mistakes parents make and how to avoid them


This is the best time to learn more about how to get free money for college and how to maximize your options to give your child the opportunity of a lifetime. If you would like to RSVP Click Here or give us a call at (661) 295-9946.  Seating is limited and we fill up quickly so RSVP today to ensure your spot.


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I encourage all parents to come to this 100% informational workshop.  Nothing will be sold and when you attend you will receive your own college planning notebook for FREE!

See you there!


See what parents are saying:

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