How Will The New SAT Affect My Student?


“The SAT is being redesigned to more closely reflect the core skills and knowledge that current research shows are essential for college readiness and success.”[1] The future direction of the SAT is going to be both useful and beneficial for students.  In 2005, the SAT went from a 1600 point scale to a 2400 point scale, until the big news today.

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Earlier today, College Board announced their plans to redesign and redevelop the SAT in the spring of 2016.  Takers of the SAT will now be scored on a 1600 point scale, which is how the SAT was originally scored up until 2005 (this is when they made the essay a requirement).

The redesigned SAT will focus on:

  • Critical Reading + Math (essay/writing optional)
  • Preparing students for real world experiences
  • Implementing Common Core standards and testing accurately

So what does this mean for future students planning on taking the SAT?  If you have a student currently in the ninth grade, they will be amongst the first takers of the redesigned SAT.  With the majority of high schools in the United States adapting to the Common Core standards, the SAT is also adapting to better prepare students and increase their opportunities for real-world careers.

Stay tuned as I will have more information as soon as it is released!


Brian Safdari, CEO of College Planning Experts


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