8 Ways to Get Ahead During Spring Break

Spring break is an excellent time to prepare for college – use this free time to plan for your future! The Princeton Review released a list of 8 great ways to prep for college and minimize your stress come application time!

1. Draft your college list: Really think about what you want throughout your college experience. Would you want to attend a small private school, or a large school that has a football game every Saturday? Does your prospective college have a great science department, or is it better known for business or film?

2. College road trip: There’s no better way to get a real feel for the colleges you’re applying to than by taking a tour of each one. Spring break is a great time to hit each prospective college in one trip. Check out our tips on college tours here: https://collegeplanningexperts.com/questions-need-ask-college-tour-guide.html.

3. Make time for extracurriculars: Colleges want to make sure that you spend your spare time wisely. Show each prospective college that you make time for extracurriculars outside of just school days – shadow a doctor or business professional, volunteer for an organization, or start a charity.

4. Brainstorm for your application essays: Start brainstorming ideas for your personal statements – think about personal experiences, character traits, important people in your life, or activities you care a great deal about to show how unique you are. Be able to stand out in a crowd of applicants!

5. Prep for the ACT or SAT: It may not seem like your ideal spring break activity, but the earlier you get serious about college applications and everything that goes into them, the better off you’ll be come application time. Try out some practice questions, hire a tutor or take a prep course!

6. Look into financial aid: Really understand how to afford your dream schools by scheduling an appointment with one of our college planners. They’ll give you the latest tips on how to pay for school and win financial awards with each application. Link to schedule is at the bottom!

7. Pick your senior year classes: Colleges still look at your senior year classes and grades, regardless of when you apply to their school. Maintain your A grades and continue taking your Honors and AP classes if those works best for you.

8. Make summer plans: Continue prepping for college during summer to strengthen your college applications!


College Planning Experts can drastically improve your chances of getting into your dream schools by working with your student on college applications and financial aid practices. Schedule an appointment to see us! https://collegeplanningexperts.com/schedule-your-college-planning-analysis

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