Unsure of Which College is Right for You?

Not sure which college is right for you? Make a college wish list – what’s important to you in a school? What is your ideal class size? What kind of weather will you want to live in for the next four years? Gather information on each college that interests you with these tips from The Princeton Review:

1. College admissions websites, brochures, videos and catalogs – gather information on the school’s academic offerings and admissions requirements.

2. Current students – talk to real college students during your college tours. Ask them what it’s like attending their school! No one knows what it’s like to be a student at college better than the student, right?

3. College guides – buy a narrative guide to read about real students and their experiences at their school.

4. College profiles – dig into what a college is really like by comparing each college profile you’re interested in. This includes everything that matters to you, like class size, majors offered, financial aid opportunities, campus life, and more.

5. College rankings – colleges are ranked on multiple topics, such as financial aid, college major, student body characteristics, and more. By looking up college rankings, you will probably learn about schools you’ve never heard of before!

6. Your college counselor – no one can help you make a wish list better than a College Counselor.


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