The Student Loan Crisis Countinues….



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       Here is a perfect example of why college
cost need to be planned out for ALL 4 YEARS, ahead of time and not on a
year-to-year basis. Student Loans are being cut-off left and right and students
that depend exclusively on these loans might not be able to pay for school this
year. If you are going to be a college student in teh next few years, are a
college student now, or are a parent of a college student you need to make sure
you exhaust ALL avenues of available money for college cost. DO NOT just
rely on one source to fund your college costs. The economy is changing
drastically and this WILL affect how you pay for college and how much it will

This video is about what one state is going
through with their student loan problems.

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college and reducing your college cost, you must attend one of my FREE
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