If you start, make sure you finish

Going to college is one thing, and graduating college is another. You want to make sure you finish what you start when it comes to going to college. The best way to maximize the chances of a student graduating college is to get them on the right track from the beginning (i.e major choice and college choice). There are a lot of reasons why students do not finish college, but the biggest reason I have noticed is that students do not know what major they want to study and what college they REALLY want to go to, which a lot of the time leads to dropping out.

Dropping out = losing thousands of dollars!!

From Inside Higher Ed:

The reality that only about 7 in 10 students earn
degrees after four years in high school has been widely deplored. But
if that situation is seen as such a crisis, why aren’t more people
upset about the fact that graduation rates in higher education are
quite a bit worse?

That’s the fundamental question underlying a new paper by Mark S.
Schneider, vice president for new educational initiatives at the
American Institutes for Research who was, until a few weeks ago,
commissioner of education statistics in the Bush administration’s
Department of Education.

Comparing American higher education unfavorably to its peers
internationally as well as to U.S. high schools, he zeroes in,
particularly, on about 408 four-year institutions that graduate fewer
than one third of their students, and calculates the cost of those
“failure factories,” as he calls them, at about $770 million in federal
grant aid and lost tuition payments, to the government and families.

Student planning is a huge part of reducing your the end costs of college. Helping the student figure out their major and which college they will stay at for ALL YEARS (not just the fist semester) can save parents THOUSANDS of $$$$$$$!!!

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