Keys to College Readiness

Just when you thought you were doing your best to get your kids prepared for college during high school, seven new tips come out that say you should be starting in Kindergarten!  You read that right, college readiness starts in Kindergarten.  Take a look at these tips that were put together by Montgomery County Public Schools in Rockville Maryland.

Key 1:  Read at Advanced levels in grade K-2

            Installing the love for reading in children at a young age has always been known to be beneficial.  Studies now show that kids who are scoring in the 70th percentile or higher on state tests such as STAR, are reading at an advanced level.

Key 2:  Score "ADVANCED" in reading on state tests in grades 3-8

            This shows that children demonstrate more complex thinking and creative problem solving skills needed for advanced classes in Jr. High and High School.

Key 3:  Complete Advanced math (6th grade level math) in 5th grade.

            Students who successfully complete 6th grade math units in 5th grade will be ready for Algebra 1 in 8th grade keeping them on the right math track for advanced math in high school.

Key 4:  Complete Algebra 1 by 8th Grade with a "C" or higher

            Keep your kid on the rigth math track!

Key 5:  Complete Algebra 2 by 11th grade with a "C" or higher.

            Students who complete Algebra 2 will do better on the SAT and ACT!

Key 6:  Score 3 on AP or 4 on IB exams

            Earning a 3 on an AP or 4 on an IB exam just may earn you college credit!  If it does not, it might get you out of taking lower level courses and it gives you an edge over other applicants!

Key 7:  Score 1650 on the SAT or 24 on the ACT

            Scoring at least 1650 on the SAT or 24 on the ACT will increase your chances for gaining acceptance to the colleges of your choice.

Keep your kids head in the game and you will all be happy!

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