High School Juniors get ready for college

Attention all Juniors and parents of Juniors:

Now is the time to map out your summer!  This is the perfect chance to get in some meaningful activities that can be used as essay topics for college admission applications.  With many colleges now requiring a shorter “Activity Essay”, you will need a topic that shows who you are and what you can contribute.  Remember to look for things that other teenagers are not doing.  Of course it is great to help with food drives and at your local elementary school but EVERYONE IS DOING THAT!  Check the blog below to refresh your memory!

One more great idea:
Help run a local campaign.  Is there a Special Election in your area this summer?  How about Governor Schwarzenegger’s latest cause?  Or Mayor Villaraigosa’s  ideas for the Education Budget?  Get involved in one of the campaigns that you care about.

Taking classes to further your education is a great idea but make sure you are not doing it just to get out of school at lunch or take an extra period of Student Service!  (By the way – Student Service is not a class and will never look good on an application unless you have a great motive such as; Student Service in the Health Office in order to find out more about becoming a Public Health Nurse). 

Another thing Junior’s need to do this summer is complete the Brag Sheet.  Don’t leave this until the Fall when “Application Panic” sets in!  Do it now, take your time and you will thank yourself.  Call me at the office if you need a copy of our Brag Sheet!  661-295-9946   I will be happy to email you one.

Last item for Juniors today – Letters of Recommendation.  Please talk to your teachers before the end of the year about writing a letter for you.   They might tell you when the best time to give them the information is.  Get ahead of the rest of your class!

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