How The Government Shutdown Can Benefit High School Seniors

A High School Senior has one goal: Getting into the college of their dreams.

They work hard in school for years to secure their future. Hours at a time are spent on homework and studying for the SATs. They write draft after draft to perfect their college application essays. Parents work just as hard to get their child into a good school.

Recently, many news sources are relaying the detrimental impact the government shutdown has on High School students. In an article from USAToday they breakdown some of the problems students are facing;

“When completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, some students have found they need additional verification material from the IRS. However, the part of the IRS that allows them to access additional documents has been shut down.”

The shutdown is slowing down the financial process. This is discouraging students from applying to a school that is out of their budget. 

However, I think that the government shutdown is giving families extra time to strategize a solid financial aid plan. Since the overall FAFSA application process has been slowed, families have this time to contact college counselors, like myself and my team, to plan out the best financial aid package. This can include grants and scholarships for your college-bound student to ensure that they have every chance of going to their dream school.

Aside from the current government setbacks, the overall process of applying for financial aid is already quite complicated. Over 82% of families make mistakes on the financial aid form. That is a large number of families that are, unfortunately, missing out on receiving more aid then they know is possible. It is important to make sure more families know exactly what is available for their college-bound student.

Therefore, after reading this article you can take advantage of the government shutdown by doing these three things:

  1. Know the strategies that can be applied to your family’s unique situation
  2. Fill out your financial aid forms correctly
  3. Submit those forms as soon as possible

By doing these three things you can still qualify for multiple grants, no matter what your income or asset level is, as long as you act fast. If these steps feel overwhelming then I have great news. College Planning Experts was founded because of the passion I have for planning out the most effective financial aid strategies for students and parents.

For the next 11 families only, we are offering a FREE College Planning Analysis. This is originally valued at $197, however, we understand the pressure that families face to get their kids into school and how the complicated process can be daunting. I want to offer the professional advice of College Planning Experts to ensure more families know how to plan effective strategies for their child’s best education.


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Written By Brian Safdari

Founder and President Of 


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