Get Half Off the Cost for College

It amazes us every year to see how many families are misinformed about the financial aid process. Many assume, for example, that they make too much money to get financial aid. They assume because their neighbor didn’t get financial aid last year then they won’t. They assume their students’ grades are too low for any aid. They assume their home ownership will hurt their chances of getting aid.


These are myths.


Financial aid is for everyone.


In fact, we read an article via today, which specifically tells how, on average, private colleges offer half off their costs. That’s a pretty big deal. When the average private college is $60,000 per year, a 50% discount would put them at $30,000. That is roughly the same cost of a state college’s education here in California. Only private schools tend to graduate students on time (4 years), whereas most state schools are struggling to supply students with the class offerings they need to graduate on time. That would imply a $30,000 savings by attending the prestigious, private school.


Remember this: colleges award financial aid in three ways–need, merit, and institutional aid. You can get aid for a number of reasons, and when private schools are well endowed by alumni, they have money to spend to attract the right students. Sticker price isn’t everything.


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