5 Summer Activities to Stay Ahead

If you have a junior in high school, college is approaching fast! Pretty soon your child will be completing applications, writing essays, and scheduling interviews. If you want the fall of senior year to go by smoothly, do these 5 things to stay ahead!


  1. Finalize College List- Your student may have NO IDEA where he or she wants to go to college this fall. That’s okay! Summer is the time to really focus. We recommend having a rough college list by August. The reason is that most applications open August 1st. Having your rough college list will enable your student to begin filling out applications (and to know how many applications he/ she will have to do too).
  2. Research Deadlines- Once you have a rough college list, research deadlines. It is so important! College applications all require different deadlines. In addition, some majors have earlier deadlines, and so do some merit aid scholarships at schools. Research your college deadlines to know when the general application is due, when the program deadline is due (if different from general deadline), and when the merit aid deadline is for students
  3. Make a Timeline- Once you have a rough college list and deadlines, make a timeline. Prioritize earlier applications first. Make sure to start completing them as soon as they open. Figure out how to manage all of your applications along with school work–you’ll be back in school before you know it!
  4. Essays, essays, essays… Essays are important. It is the one piece of a college application that is uniquely YOU. Colleges want to see who you are as a person. Start writing early to allow yourself time to revise and perfect. Know that you’ll most likely need to write 5+ essays too. Focus on what you want to say and start outlining then writing.
  5. College Tours- Summer is a great time to get out and see colleges. Getting on a college campus allows your student to understand chemistry. Visiting before you apply can save time & money later if your student doesn’t like the school. On the flip side, it also demonstrates interest to the school. Show them you’re looking!


We hope this checklist helps! If you need more tips & advice, call us to schedule your one-on-one college planning analysis–it’s free!

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