FREE SAT and ACT Test Prep

Looking for SAT or ACT prep help? We found some great free test prep Web sites for you. Some sites require quick registration, but none require fees.


Full-length practice tests

Students who miss the ACT and SAT Web sites are missing a great opportunity to get free practice.


These sites offer one free test in addition to practice questions and test hints:

ACT Inc.

The College Board (SAT)

UCCP Online

Princeton Review


Practice test sections

It may be helpful to practice critical reading or math sections before tackling an entire test. Though these

three sites don’t offer full-length practice tests, they do have complete practice sections, strategies, advice and vocabulary.  Founded to make high-quality test preparation universally accessible.  Offers practice test sections for the SAT, ACT and PSAT.


Vocabulary assistance

Many online sites offer free vocabulary assistance, including a list of the top SAT words; words of the

day; and lists of Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes and roots.  Beware of vocabulary sites that are punctilious; understanding the general idea of a word will be more beneficial in the long run than memorizing hundreds of dictionary meanings.


To garner a better vocabulary, here are a few sites: This list of 5,000 collegiate words offers brief, easy-to-remember definitions. Michigan State University offers organized lists of advanced vocabulary words and Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes and roots. Search “vocab words.” Merriam-Webster will e-mail subscribers a word of the day. The interactive quizzes on QuizHub feature eight words at a time. Just click to review the next set of words. This site has an easy-to read table of Greek and Latin roots and prefixes. Free online vocabulary workshops cover all levels of words. This is a great site to increase your vocabulary comprehension.


Test resources

If you are in need of deft advice on how to take these tests, turn to: Launched in spring 2006, is an extension of Karl Schellscheidt’s private tutoring practice.  The site now includes test prep and college admission advice.  The unique interactive format of allows videos to be downloaded to iPods or other devices. is the test prep that College Planning Experts endorses.  They guarantee a 200-300 point increase in your SAT scores with certain programs.  For our discount on all ePrep programs visit our website for the direct link!

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