Bikes on College Capmuses

Time to get a bike for school!  Most of you will be looking for a new bike this fall for your new college campus. Bikes are an integral part of your daily college life. Unless you are able to score an aweome deal before you leave for school at Target or Wal Mart and that is if you have room in or on your car to carry the bike to school, you will need to find one on campus. Bikes at the bike stores on and around campus are very expensive! Who wants to pay 200-300 dollars for a bike, right? You also want to keep in mind that you will need a rear "fender" so you don't end up with the "Freshman Stripe" the first time you ride through a puddle or in the rain! Take a look at The Collegiate Bicycle Company. They have reps on most major campuses across the country and have smokin deals on bikes. These are those perfect cruisers, including that all important fender and they are painted in school colors with your schools logo. We bought one at UC Davis during move in week for $100! What a deal! Check out the web site and make sure they will be on your campus this fall during move in week.

Don't want to purchase a bike but still need one?  College Bikes is starting an all new Bike Share program!  Coming to University of California Irvine this Fall is ZotWheels…

ZotWheels is easy and fun because you don’t have the hassle or expense of owning and storing your own bike. Your membership card will allow you to rent a bike from any station simply by swiping your card in the card reader. After your ride, you may drop off your bike at any ZotWheels station with an available slot. The RFID tracking equipment marries the user’s card to a specific bike and tracks its use until the bike is returned. Notifications are sent to the user, when the bike is removed and returned. If a bike is not returned, the user and security will be notified.

Read what UCI has to say about this exciting new program!

"Parking and Transportation Services seeks to decrease the carbon footprint by offering affordable, environmentally sustainable, and increasingly accessible forms of transportation. In light of this mission, Parking is excited to bring the first automated self-service bike share program in California, ZotWheels, to the UC system. Almost a pound of tailpipe emissions will be saved for every mile a member rides a bike instead of driving. Bike sharing allows faculty, students, and staff an alternative to driving when making short-distance trips during the work and school day, as well as addressing important issues such as health and environmental sustainability, the future of transportation, and promoting community building on campus. Bike sharing already exists in many European cities, such as Paris and Barcelona. Take our bikes for a short ride around the inner ring, to the park, to a meeting, or to class… ZotWheels are meant to be shared; so rent one, ride it, return it and repeat any time you want to bring a little fun to your day!"

For an awesome bike visit today!

For more info on the Bike Share program visit

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