A College Professor’s Guide to Making the Grade

The following is from a college math professor, take note!

1.  Take all prerequisites before your first collegiate math class.
2.  Attend all classes and arrive at least 10 minutes early.
3.  Buy your textbook early and skim the first chapter.
4.  Sit close to the front of the classroom to avoid distractions.
5.  Find a srudy partner and try to meet several times a week.
6.  Monitor your study habits and attitude.
7.  Do not be afraid to ask questions – often high school students think asking questions is a sign of weakness.  This is not true in college.
8.  Seek help from study labs or professors early.
9.  Consider taking a class over the summer when you can only focus only on this one course.
10.  Keep up on a daily basis and remember, for every hour in class, you should be studying at least 2 hours outside the classroom.

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