Begin The College Search Early. Get Into Your Dream School

Begin The College Search Early. Get Into Your Dream School

When I graduated from college I was over $53,000 in debt. Yes. That is the real number that I was burdened with right out of university. I could not believe the damage my degree had made on my bank account.

Getting a higher education was a goal of mine that I was proud to have achieved. Spending four years climbing a steep mountain of exams, study guides and everything in between is only valuable once you have reached the summit. And I did. But what I met at the top of the mountain was not only my degree and a bright future career path, but I was also met with a huge amount of money I had to pay off and I had no idea how it had added up so quickly.

I retraced my steps all the way back to High School; the first time I began applying for college. More importantly, I retraced my steps back to when I applied for financial aid. As I discuss in a video of mine, here, my family trusted the financial aid office to build a solid, healthy and manageable financial aid plan to meet our needs. That was our biggest mistake.

College is the best decision I ever made for my career and future, however, if I had known what I am going to tell you when I was younger, I know that I could have gone to college for much, much cheaper. Remember these four words.

College is a business.

Tuition is as expensive as it is nowadays because Colleges are growing businesses. Overall, colleges want the best for their students. They care about the quality of experience that their students have in college. However, the Financial Aid department still needs to manage how much money is given and received for the campus. If you allow them to control your financial aid package, believe that they will not be looking out for your specific needs as well as you can. Their main priority is school.

So, I started College Planning Experts to guide students away from the mistakes my family and I made when I was in the same spot as them. Take control of your financial aid process. Luckily, if that seems like a daunting task and you have no clue where to start, our team is full of passionate experts that are ready to help your child get into their dream school without the whole family going broke.

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Written By Brian Safdari

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