“Your College Planning Power Hour” Radio Show starts today from 2pm-3pm on KHTS – AM1220

Attention Parents and Students,

I am delighted to announce my first radio show called,  “Your College Planning Power Hour” will start today from 2pm-3pm on KHTS – AM1220.

Each week, I will be discussing topics on college admissions, college applications, college selection, career planning, selecting the right majors, finding the best schools in the nation, financial aid planning, college tax scholarships, merit/athletic scholarships, state grants, institutional grants, and much more. The radio show is designed so that you can save thousands of dollars on college. The radio show is for anyone who is planning on attending a community college, 4 year University, and Post Graduate School.

The radio show will be on KHTS- AM1220, every Tuesday from 2pm-3pm. If you cannot tune in on the radio, you can listen to the show as a podcast on www.hometownstation.com or www.collegeplanningexperts.com . Keep in mind, the podcast takes hours before it gets uploaded. It will not be available “live”.

Please call in and give us your feedback. You can call in while I’m live on the air to ask any questions. Please support the radio show as it will be the biggest and most popular show on KHTS.

Please let all your friends, families, and business associates know about the show.

Thank you for your support!

Brian's "TIP OF THE DAY"


On Campus vs. Off Campus Living

When deciding whether to live on campus, funding from scholarships and student loans are key.  Many scholarships and loans can be applied to on-campus housing because the money is directed straight to the school; in many cases, students may not be able to use it to pay off-campus rent.

Further, students with 529 plans or other college savings plans may find that plan rules limit them to living on campus.  In general, there is a limit to the amount of money you can deploy from the 529 plan to pay for off-campus housing before it becomes subject to taxes.  Depending on the plan in question, a student may have enough money to live off campus comfortably, but not be able to actually use the money for that purpose without incurring significant penalties.

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