Would you want to know why you were rejected?

Earlier this year it was announced that college applicants could review their admissions profile via the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This came to light when a group of students from Stanford reached out to the school for the information. It went viral, and soon there were templates for students from other schools to do the same.


Now it seems schools are trying to prevent applicants from applying for their records. Stanford writes, “The path to Stanford is not easy and the admission process is rigorous and critical. So please ask yourself: What benefit do I seek from reviewing these additional admissions records?… Will my life be better for having reviewed them?”


So I ask you, would you or would you not want to know why you were rejected?


If you were to read things like Joel Stein, the former Time columnist, did in 1992, he found comments on his admissions file that included, “He could drive you crazy,” “Not appropriate” and “Hormonal overdrive.”


How would you take rejection?


I for one think it is a worthwhile endeavor to understand why you were rejected. Receiving this type of feedback could help us grow. A college application and interview are a stepping stone from college. If you don’t get in, but you never learn WHY you didn’t get in, then what? If you take the time to be educated, how could that help you prepare for a job application and interview later in life? We all have ticks and we all give off body language. We might not realize who we’re acting or what we’re saying affects our audience in different ways. Plus, if not to just grow personally, imagine how you could use that information to help other students?


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