President Obama Urges Students to go to College

Do your parents tell you to move out of the house?  Go to college.  Even if you go to online college you will get out of the house sooner and stay out on your own with the great job you will get.  According to the most recent US Government census, Americans with a bachelor’s degree earned 51% more than those with just a high school diploma.  Those with a bachelor’s degree earned over $52,000 per year on average.

Once you realize that college is your next step, you need to find one.  Here are some questions you might find helpful to find the college for you.

1.  Is an in-state or out of state college right for you?
2. Are small schools a better fit for my needs or should you look at bigger schools?
3. Is financial aid available or should you look for scholarships?
4. Do you prefer a suburban setting, a school in a big city or studying in the middle of nowhere?
5. Which programs fit your career goals?
6. Does your class rank matter?
7. How good is the college’s career services office?  How many people get jobs through the center every year?
8. What extracurricular activities are available?  Do they have ones you like?
9. Is there a professor that could potentially mentor you one on one to develop your career interest?
10. What type of campus housing is available?  Will the school help you find an off campus place to live?
11. Bonus question for today’s world:  Do you know how financially secure the school is?

I recommend you review each one of these questions and answer them as you find schools you think might be a good fit.  Come to one of our FREE WORKSHOPS and find out not only how to pick the right school but also how to pay for it without going broke!  Visit our website for workshop dates at a location near you.

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