How to Prep for College This Summer!

It’s CRUCIAL to start preparing for college early, before it’s too late to change your high school experiences — don’t be the student that says “I wish I submitted my application for ASB!” or “I should have studied harder for my chemistry exam!”

Summer vacation is the perfect time to spend enhancing your college applications, not only for soon-to-be seniors applying to colleges in the fall, but for upcoming sophomores and juniors, as well. Start EARLY with these 14 activities from the Princeton Review:

1. Participate in a specialized program: Specialized summer programs are happening on different college campuses throughout the nation, such as leadership conventions, mock trials, etc.

2. Take college classes: Numerous colleges offer summer programs for high schoolers to stay in a dorm and take college classes taught by real college professors. There’s no better way to immerse yourself into the college experience than to live it for a summer!

3. Join the community college: Summer programs (talked about above) can get expensive, so consider taking college classes at your local community college!

4. Involve yourself in research: Get involved in a lab at a university — this is very impressive to colleges! From conducting lab research to cleaning slides, anything can be helpful for your college apps.

5. Start your own project: Turn your interests into projects! Showing commitment to a talent or interest is also an impressive trait to show on your college apps.

6. Take free online classes: Participate in real-time online classes, or stream past lectures from real college professors.

7. Get a job: Colleges want to see responsibility and commitment. Spend your free time wisely by getting a part-time job for the summer.

8. Become an entrepreneur: Start a business, such as dog walking, babysitting, or teaching technology!

9. Volunteer: Start volunteering with an organization, and stay committed to it. Volunteer for 2 hours a week every week to show colleges that you’re dedicated.

10. Apply for internships: Internships are a great opportunity to show your career and major interests.

11. Job shadow: Much like internships, job shadowing illustrates initiative! This can turn your interests into a career.

12. Test prep, test prep, test prep: There’s no better time to get prepared for exams you need to take to apply to college than during your endless free time throughout summer. Study, take practice tests, or hire a tutor.

13. Visit colleges: Turn your family vacation into a college road trip — visit every college you’re planning on applying to or have interest in. Seeing the college campus makes a big difference in your applications!

14. Use your imagination: Get creative! Think of other ways to stand out to your prospective colleges. It’s not too late for soon-to-be seniors to get our help!

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