Parents, Get Involved in the College Planning Process!

You can't make a major decision that could affect the ret of your life alone.  It's got to be a team effort with your parents.  Here's why:

1. Two or three heads are better than one

There are thousands of colleges to choose from.  Narrowing this list can be intimidating.  Kimberley Townsend, a graduate of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., says, “High school seniors are inexperienced in the decision-making arena. The application process made me so nervous, I procrastinated on every step of the way.”  “Your parents’ guidance is necessary to sift through all the concerns you have, and to compare the pros and cons of various colleges,” says Colin Alphonso, a graduate of Collin County Community College in Allen, Texas.  According to Jeremy Boyce, an admissions counselor at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, parents can “open up a students’ eyes to other opportunities and the institutions that best support their child’s goals.”

2. Including them will make the process smoother

It’s during the college application process that most parents stop looking at their teens as kids. So why not return the favor and stop viewing your parents as the authorities controlling your life?  One director of admissions says, “Both parties should express honesty about each school, whereas teens should respect their parents’ opinions, especially since they offer wisdom and years of experience.”  “My mother initially wanted me to attend another university,” says Shira Hussain, senior admissions counselor at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minn. “But she was impressed with all the work I had done to prepare her and myself for my college choice, and hence became confident about my decision.”

3. No one knows you better

No one understands your basic nature better than your parents. College is not only a destination for higher education; it’s also a place where your talents should be drawn out and appreciated.  Therefore, your parents favor colleges that would suit you best, as a student and as a person. Ezella D’Souza’s son, Jeff, is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. He had first enrolled in a university in Washington, D.C. A year later, he decided the college wasn’t a good fit.  Ezella says, “He told us we were right, and then switched over to Washington University, which was our preferred choice as a college that would bring out his talents.”

4. Your parents only want what’s good for you

The college you choose will be your home for the next two to four years. So if your parents try to dissuade you from picking a particular college, it’s not because they want to scuttle your plans. Their aim is to protect you from making  the wrong choice. They want you to go to a school where you’ll be able to achieve your goals and be happy.

5. It’s a good time for bonding

Your senior year is an emotional period for your parents.  Soon, they’ll have to watch you leave home for college.  Be open about the transition ahead for all of you. Once you come clean with each other, it’ll be a smooth road ahead all the way to the college of your choice.


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You can’t make a major decision

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