More Scholarships and Grants, Less Loans

I want to congratulate all high school seniors on all of their hard work during school.  Just a couple weeks left until graduation and the start of their next chapter begins! Now it’s time to save on the cost of college and pay for it without sacrificing all of your life savings or retirement funds.

This is the time of year when most parents of high school seniors are filled with mixed emotions. Some are great, some are exciting, and others a bit nervous or anxious. Sending your child off to college is an extremely delicate subject especially when deciding on the best way to pay for college – one of the most talked about subjects.  As the prices of college tuition may scare you, always remember in today’s economy their is a high value placed on having a college degree.  Though a bachelor’s degree is not a promise for economic success, statistics show that a higher percentage of graduates with a college degree are able to find and secure career jobs.

Most high school seniors have already committed to the college they will attend this fall (the national deadline for most colleges is May 1st).  Now that your child is enrolling in their courses, paying for college is next on the agenda.  College Planning Experts has helped save over $21 million in financial aid for college students over the past 10 years!  Our team prides ourselves on maximizing all opportunities for students and families.   We’ve noticed that the families that plan ahead and take action at early stages in the game are the ones that see better results.  Over the past few years we have started to plan with families as early as the 6th grade and even sooner! It’s never to early to start planning for college.

If you live in Los Angeles County and are wondering how to save on the costs of college, visit our FREE College Planning Workshops coming up next month in the San Fernando Valley and the Santa Clarita Valley.  Seating is limited and you can’t afford to miss this financial aid workshop.  At the workshop we teach the secrets on the college financial aid system, such as how to get free money for college regardless of your income, assets, or student’s GPA. All families who RSVP and attend will receive a college planning folder with a ton of information on how to plan for college like an expert.


Call us today to learn all of the opportunities available to you and your child! (661) 295 -9946


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