“How EVERY Family can Save $11,250 for College…”

“…regardless of your income, assets, or your student’s grades, you can use this clever process to save as much as $11,250 or more in
the college process.”

presented by Brian Safdari



EVER THOUGHT you’d tell your student to NOT go
to class? Your student may not have to take some of their introductory college classes if they
already know the material.

Listen to this: The CLEP, DSST, and ECE exams can
earn your student anywhere from 3 to 12 college credits each.
Here’s what you need to know:

The College-Level Examination Program®
(CLEP) has 35 exams available, almost exclusively for credit in
introductory classes.

DANTES Subject Standardized Tests® (DSST) provides some 37
exams available for both upper and lower level credits. The DSST is often used
in combination with the CLEP for students seeking to obtain many credits.

administers the 53 ECE exams, previously ACT/PEP, in
formats exclusively multiple choice or essay, as well as mixed.

Not so fast, though; not every
college awards credit, or the same amount of credit, for every test. You will
want to check the details of your student’s chosen college beforehand.

For those exams that your student’s
college of choice does accept, you could save the time and money requirements
of as much as or more than 1/3 of a degree. (That’s also 1/3 less time spent at
college parties… but don’t tell the kids that.)


…he started college a full semester ahead of his

And here’s the great part: A CLEP exam costs only $65 ($70,
effective July 1, 2008) and a DSST exam is a mere $70 as well —
a tiny fraction of the cost of tuition and fees of many colleges, and cheaper
even than most community colleges!

The benefits of taking an
exam aren’t solely for new students, either. You or anyone else can take the
tests too, and many do just that to supplement their pursuits. You or your
student can use the exam to demonstrate knowledge of a subject to an employer,
to earn credentials for a career change, or even to obtain college credit for a
fluently spoken foreign language. The credibility is especially beneficial for
your student’s resume.

Studying for the
exam doesn’t have to be a nightmare at all. Study guides, practice tests, and
college planning coaches make valuable tools in preparing for the exams.

One student saved $14,250 on
the cost of tuition, alone! Under the guidance of college planning expert Brian
this student prepared for 5 CLEP exams, from 10th grade through graduation. He
received 15 college credits for
the effort and started college at Woodbury University a full
semester ahead of his peers
– in addition to the financial aid awards he

Can you imagine how he must feel at graduation, knowing he’d still be
taking classes – and paying for them?

Brian Safdari,
one of the nation’s leading experts in college planning, helps students get
into the college of their choice and helps the parents make college affordable.
“Every family can receive free money for college, regardless of income,
assets, and student’s grades” says Brian.



Until Next Time,

Brian Safdari


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