Getting Into UCLA: Hear From One Of Our Graduates

A large number of our readers and potential clients call us to get more information on how College Planning Experts actually helps families and what is really expected of the students and parents throughout the process. Today, I want to answer those questions by showing you a real student that we worked with from start to finish.

Now, we have worked with so many families and have heard so many of them get back exciting news from their dream colleges. This is just one of the thousands of students we have been lucky to work with as they head into their college experience.

We will talk about how our experts used their years of knowledge and experience to work with this student and what this student did to successfully get into the college of his dreams.

So to begin, I interviewed Eli in 2016 after we had worked together to get him into his top choice school, UCLA. You can watch our interview, here. It’s a long one, so I have broken down the most important parts of our interview in this article.

Here are our three favorite nuggets of motivation we tell our students and their families and how Eli used each one to successfully get into his dream college:    

Take Action Fast

Eli and I first met when he and his father joined in on one of our weekly workshops. There, his father was blown away by the useful college planning information I was giving enthusiastically just in that one workshop. They signed up immediately. This is the first step Eli did perfectly. He acted fast and quickly took steps in the best direction for his own success. Our experts always tell our clients that every year you put off taking action affects your child’s chances of getting in and how affordable the cost will be. Eli started fast and that helped him get into UCLA in the long run.

Stick To A Schedule

When we say that we work alongside our families, we mean it. Our experts are passionate about getting the best results for our students and families. We want our clients to get into their dream schools, but not go broke at the same time. We handle all the complicated paperwork. We walk our families through what forms need to be filled out and why and then our experts take the burden and stress off by filling out and sending all the necessary forms so that students do not have to worry. There are only a few things we ask of our clients: Stick to a schedule. For example, Eli checked in with his team of experts with one simple phone call every week to make sure he was staying on the best track to success. Just this small action that took no time at all to do, kept the process moving.  

Be Willing To Work On Your Goal

We worked with Eli and his family for three years. Within that time, all of them were focused and motivated to make their goal their reality. Eli and his family were willing to start from the place that they were, do the necessary steps it took to get into Eli’s dream school of UCLA and take pride in their accomplishment. When we started with Eli, he had a 3.0 GPA. That was not the average GPA of a UCLA applicant so Eli had some work to do. However, our team of college counselors was right by Eli’s side the whole time.

While working with us, Eli was able to organize his extracurriculars to demonstrate his unique set of interest and skills and write out an accurate and well-worded personal statement to show colleges his well-rounded character. Both these moves were so important for Eli to market and position himself successfully in his application. Although, Eli did not start off as a typical UCLA applicant his willingness to follow our advice and do the work got him accepted in the end.  

Here is a direct quote from Eli: “If my family was alone without your [College Planning Experts] support, we would have gone through the regular steps that most families do without your company alongside them and we would not have gotten as nearly as much money as we saved. We saved a ton of money.”

This is one of my favorite success stories that has come from College Planning Experts. We love to work with students and their families, just like Eli’s. The best way to get more info about how college planning experts can help you is coming out to one of our weekly workshops, just like Eli and his father.

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Written By Brian Safdari

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