Ease Your SAT Stress

Hey, soon-to-be high school juniors – NOW is the time to focus on your SATs. College Planning Experts recommends taking your SAT either during the Fall or Spring of your junior year of high school, depending on your SAT tutor set up. Ease your SAT stress with these tips from the Princeton Review:

  • Slow Down and Score More: Your SAT score is based on how many questions you score correctly, not how many total questions you answer. Slow down and read each question to actually understand what it’s asking you. The more time you take to answer each question correctly, the higher your chance of increasing your score!
  • Mimic the Real Test: When practicing for the SAT with your tutor or by yourself, take your practice tests as if you were taking the real thing. Time yourself as you would be timed on the actual SAT. This will give you a better sense of how long you can take answering the harder questions, and when you should move on to the easier questions. This will ease your stress during the real test.
  • Don’t Get Overwhelmed on the Hard Questions: Don’t spend too much time on the harder or more time-consuming questions. If it’s too hard, that’s okay. Guess, move on to the next one that you know you can answer correctly, and go back to the tough ones at the end if you have time.

As stated above, CPE recommends taking the SAT during your junior year of high school. Start studying NOW, either by yourself or with a tutor if you see fit – CPE has some great test prep recommendations!

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