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Grand_openingHi, my name is Brian Safdari, Founder and President of College Planning Experts, Inc. I look forward to  sharing with you the insider secrets about the college planning process that no one else knows.

In 2003, when I got out of college, I had over 50,000 in student loans, practically in major debt, and unsure how to utilize my education in the real working world. Mentally and physically, I was depressed due to my high student loans and had no clue what to do with my degree.  I remember one night, sitting on my bed depressed, when  a famous author’s  quote came into my mind, “Failure is a pre-requisite of Success.” The next morning, I decided to devote my time and energy in learning the Higher Education Act (HEA).

After hundreds of hours of research, I was shocked with what I had learned. All the debt I had gotten myself into, was a mistake on my part not knowing the college planning process. The college process is so difficult, in fact, it’s intended to be difficult so you do not know how to get the free money you are entitled to, and instead, take loans so that the banks and schools make money. I told myself from that day on, I was going to help out the community, the parents, the students, believe that any college is attainable and thousands of dollars of free money is available, ONLY if you know where to get it from.

Since 2003, I have helped thousands of families send their kids to the college of their choice with thousands of dollars of FREE money, REGARDLESS of income, assets or student’s grades. I hope you enjoy my blog that will reveal secrets, tips, and information that will literally save you thousands of dollars towards college and help the student get into the college of their choice.

If you enjoy this blog,  pass the information to all your friends and family so they can enjoy it too.


Brian Safadari
College Planning Experts, Inc.

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