College Freshman – Know Before You Go!

It is almost time to pack up and head off to college for the Fall 09 quarter/semester!  There are many things to consider, plan for and buy.  Here is a handy checklist to keep you on track.

Is your housing taken care of?
Have you checked your student portal for new information?
Will you take your car?  Where will you park?
Are there special computer requirements?
What phone options are available?
Have you discussed allowance with your parents?
Set up banking arrangements.  Is your account linked to your parents account so they can transfer money to you quickly?
Do you need to obtain a work-study job or follow up on any of your aid?
What will you do for medical insurance?  Is there a pharmacy on campus?
Do you need a school health insurance plan? (SHIP)
Will you need or want a bike on campus/  Do you need a campus permit?  Do you have a lock?
What items are restricted?  Check your paperwork!
Do you need a fridge or microwave?  Can you rent one for the year?
Do you need any extra furniture for your room or apartment?
Is there air conditioning?  Do you need a fan?
When do you register for classes?  Will you need to take any placement tests?
Do you need to take a picture for your student id card?  if you already  have, do you need to pick up the id card?
Do you have a lock for your laptop?
Find the computer support office for your dorm!
Keep a list of all equipment serial id numbers, tech support, other PINS and passwords.
Discuss how often you will come home.
Don't miss out on any of the move in week activities!

This a a small sampling of helpful tips and useful information that we sahre at our workshops and with our clients.  Come to a FREE college planning workshop in your area!  Visit

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