Can Twitter help you pick the right college?

SocialMediaIconcollageI’m sure by now you’ve read about colleges using social media accounts to make decisions during the admissions process. If you haven’t, I highly encourage you to check out this article. It is important for high school students to be aware of their activities online, as “35 percent [of college admissions officers, surveyed by Kaplan] said they found something that negatively impacted an applicant’s changes of getting in.”

Social media has become an everyday part of life, and you need to be careful of what you put out there; but you also need to be aware of how to use it to your advantage.

USA Today posted an article today about a student who used Twitter to choose at which college she would attend. With a simple Tweet, she opened up a conversation with her potential college and got feedback from two professors, the marching band, and the admissions team. She felt the love with all of the responses she got from her initial Tweet, and she ended up attending. She started her college career connected.

If you want direct access to your potential college, why not use a Tweet?

By using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, applicants and accepted students can connect with colleges and universities. It is a great way to demonstrate interest and to connect with the network of individuals at the college. If you want to know if it is a good fit, why not interact “socially?” If you want to show a school back east that you want to go there, but you can’t afford the flight, why not hit them up online? Social media can be dangerous if you aren’t cognizant if what you’re posting; however, if you know how to use it… it can be a key tool. You can show your obvious fit for a college through your social media profiles.

When our students work with us we go through the reasons to be careful with social media, but we also talk strategy. If you want to “court” a college, why not show attention to that school online?

In college admissions, it is not enough to know the stuff. You need to know the stuff behind the stuff. If you want to learn more of the “behind the stuff” call us for a consultation 661-295-9946.

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