California Residents: Is College Admissions Harder?

For all of you California residents is college admissions harder?


A blog post recently made on paints the picture that higher education is a bigger challenge for students living in California. In the article we learn that college admissions for California students at UC schools has slipped form 63% to 60% this year. That means 40% of those students attending our in-state schools are non-residents of California. That is shocking when you consider that our tax dollars are what fund the UC system. But should we be surprised?


When budget cuts come we often take money away from public education. The bulk of those cuts go to higher education services. That is to say that California community colleges, California State Universities, and University of California schools end up with less money to operate. As with any business you need revenue to keep your doors open. If our public schools have less money to operate then they need to either raise fees or admit more students who are willing to pay more money.


So what is the solution? If our public schools are admitting more and more non-residents, then isn’t it easy to presume that it is a greater challenge for our local students to compete? Are our in-state students being forced to pay higher prices to attend private and out-of-state schools?


These are all interesting things to consider, but what I can tell you is this: college admissions doesn’t have to be harder. You have to be smarter. With regards to higher cost out-of-state and private school options, it doesn’t have to work that way either. College Planning Experts knows how to strategically position students to get admitted and to secure the maximum amount of financial aid. Let us help you. We can make this whole process much easier and more of a exciting journey than an obstacle course.
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