ACT Changes September 2015!

ACT changes September 2015!

The ACT will be undergoing some changes this fall, and this could greatly impact your college preparation plans. ACT, Inc. announced they will be implementing changes to the ACT starting with the September 12, 2015 exam!

Brief overview of the changes:
• Roughly 20 questions (total) on each exam will be affected by these changes
• ACT will be introducing a two passage reading component
• ACT will also change about 5 math questions to better align them with content areas recently introduced to the ACT
• Roughly 3 English questions will be reworded
• Roughly 2 science questions, which require prior science knowledge, will be added
• The biggest change is an updated Essay or Writing Test (see below for detailed information)

New ACT Writing Test in Fall 2015

Beginning with the ACT administration on September 12, 2015, the ACT Writing Test (aka the ACT Essay) will be changing. Both the writing task and the scoring will change.

The ACT Writing Test will now measure a student’s ability to evaluate multiple perspectives on a complex issue and generate his or her own analysis based on reasoning, knowledge, and experience. They hope this will enable students to more fully demonstrate their analytical writing ability.

In addition to the change in prompt the scoring of the ACT Writing Test will change, as students will receive a score on a 1-36 scale instead of a 1-12 scale. The essay score will remain separate from and ACT Composite score.

Which Test is Right for Your Student?

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