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  • Felicity Huffman Arrested And Lori Loughlin Charged in Alleged College Admissions Scam

      Hollywood celebrities Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin have been charged in alleged college admissions bribery scam. The Associated Press reported Tuesday that authorities have charged college coaches and others in this huge admissions bribery case in federal court. This big scam involves athletic coaches, a college admissions company in Los Angeles, test prep companies, and many more to be

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  • Begin The College Search Early. Get Into Your Dream School

    Begin The College Search Early. Get Into Your Dream School When I graduated from college I was over $53,000 in debt. Yes. That is the real number that I was burdened with right out of university. I could not believe the damage my degree had made on my bank account. Getting a higher education was a goal of mine that

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  • College Deadlines: How To Apply For Your Dream School On Time

    There are two time periods that I can think of throughout the course of one’s life where life itself can become extremely busy. Those times are when you are a high school student doing your best to get into a great school and when you are a parent of a high school student guiding them towards a bright future in college.

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  • How To Get Grants And Scholarships Regardless Of Your Income

    How To Get Grants And Scholarships Regardless Of Your Income One of the most important messages I share with my clients is this: Financial Aid is available to everyone regardless of how much income a family makes or how many assets that they have. So many families believe that they are not eligible for Financial Aid or they believe that

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  • You Need To Know These Three Magic Letters

    Magic. If we think about that word we probably visualize magicians at a circus or Disney characters or card tricks. College planning, however, is most likely not our first thought associated with the word Magic. But, wouldn’t it be so nice to snap our fingers, wave our wands, call out our genies and get our kids into their dream schools

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  • Parents, Why is College Planning So Important?

    Let me start by saying this; “You don’t know what you don’t know.” The reason that I say this is because I believe it is the number one most important thing to understand as we start the college application process. With all the steps involved to get your child into their dream school, it is no surprise that a lot

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  • How The Government Shutdown Can Benefit High School Seniors

    A High School Senior has one goal: Getting into the college of their dreams. They work hard in school for years to secure their future. Hours at a time are spent on homework and studying for the SATs. They write draft after draft to perfect their college application essays. Parents work just as hard to get their child into a

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