Randy Narciso,
VP Product Innovation
& Client Services

With over three decades of strategic leadership in the high-technology sector, Randy Narciso has forged a distinguished career in high-tech product management and strategic marketing, while delivering groundbreaking AI and ML solutions within the ed-tech, retail, government, networking, renewable energy, and enterprise sectors. He holds a BSEE and MBA from the University of Southern California.

Randy is happily married to his wife Peachie of 20+ years and has two young boys, Reid and Logan. Randy’s journey with College Planning Experts is deeply personal and emotionally resonant, drawing from his vast experience in educational technology, entrepreneurship, and youth sports. Randy’s knowledge of the complexities of college planning is enriched by his own family’s experiences with the college planning process. He has navigated the complexities of college admissions, scholarships, and financial planning with Reid, his oldest son who was accepted at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in 2023 and is currently guiding Logan, his youngest son who will be a freshman at Alemany HS in the fall of 2024.

At College Planning Experts, Randy assumes the pivotal role of Vice President of Product Innovation and Client Services, where he spearheads efforts to ensure unparalleled client satisfaction while pioneering the development of cutting-edge educational products, solutions, and services. Leveraging his extensive technological expertise, Randy is instrumental in the launch of transformative solutions aimed at optimizing business operations and unlocking new revenue streams through software automations and AI-driven processes. As a trusted client advisor, he offers invaluable counsel, services, and solutions to families embarking on the complex journey of college admissions, financial aid, and financial planning.