Brian Safdari, CEO & Founder

Brian Safdari is the founder of College Planning Experts. He is the leading authority on getting your child into his/her dream school and on finding ways to pay for your child’s college costs without going broke.

Raised in the San Fernando Valley, Brian was a four-year varsity soccer player. As Chatsworth High School’s soccer captain and center midfielder, he was one of the highest ranked soccer players in the West. He was a player for the Valley League, he was on the Olympic Development Program for the California State Team, and he was on the U.S. Junior Tournament Team at the France ’98 World Cup. Brian thought he’d have a full ride to play NCAA Division I Soccer in college, but during his senior year of high school he had a career ending injury. It changed everything. Instead of going to his dream school, Duke University, Brian ended up settling on a local state school simply because of cost. What Brian didn’t know was that he could have gone to his dream school for less money than the sticker price indicated. Then, after procrastinating and making multiple mistakes on his financial aid forms, Brian took on over $50,000 in student loans to attend his local state school. He graduated college in debt and without a targeted passion for a specific career. It was only after attending debt consolidation conferences that Brian learned the insider strategies he missed out on during his college planning process.

After his personal experience, he decided to devote his life and career to helping parents and children learn the truth about the college planning process. He now directs families on what it takes to get accepted to a dream college, how to receive thousands of dollars in financial aid, regardless of income or assets, and how to properly fund for the cost of college without going broke.

Today, Brian has helped over 25,000 families in helping them achieve their college dreams. His clients come from afar and attend educationally diverse schools. Brian has also published his own book, College Planning Made Easy.